• General Guidelines for Pre-AP and AP Classes 




    1. Earn a passing score on the previous EOC for that course. 

    2. Complete all assignments on time, regardless of absences (regular or SB). 

    3. Make up all tests/quizzes prior to an absence, especially SB absences. 

    4. Seek assistance from teacher (tutorials) when student falls behind or is experiencing difficulty.  

    5. Understand and accept that the class will be taught at a faster pace and at a more rigorous level than a regular class, and be willing to adapt own learning style to keep up. 

    6. Keep an organized binder. 

    7. Understand that learning is cumulative—lessons are not stand-alone; each one builds on the other. All work is comprehensive. 

    8. Be an active participant in all assignments/projects.   

    9. Be willing to devote extra time outside of class in order to complete assignments. 

    10. Correct all work with the intention of learning from his/her mistakes, without the expectation of earning extra points for doing so. 

    11. Complete reading assignments outside of class and ahead of time. 

    12. Complete all homework efficiently and with understanding. 

    13. Students who fail the first six weeks, second six weeks, third six weeks, or the first semester will automatically be moved into a regular class. 



    1. No extra credit work allowed. 

    2. No late work accepted. 

    3. All tests/quizzes must be completed within one class period. No extended time. 

    4. Quizzes/tests may be curved at the discretion of the teacher. 

    5. No retesting. 

    Not all assignments are graded; however, all are learning tools.