• 1. Come to class prepared: pen (black or blue)/ pencil, paper, homework. Red for grading purposes.

    2. Write down assignments on assignment log/Easel pad- This will help keep you up to date with assignments especially when absent. This may not apply to AP classes only regular and Pre-AP.

    3. Daily work will be due during or at the end of class.


    • If assignments are not completed during class, they can be done for homework and the homework policies apply to this assignment.

    • There may be additional homework that accompanies this assignment as well.

    4. Homework is due at the beginning of class on the day after they have been assigned.


    • Students are required to submit all homework/daily work prior to any exam. Homework/daily work pertinent to an exam will not be accepted after the exam has been taken. 

    • Expect to spend at least 45 minutes (AP- minimum of one hour) on homework assignments when assigned.

    • Keep up with the assignment log to catch up with assignments during absences. Check with me after school, between passing periods, or during my conference for missed assignments. I will not stop teaching because you cannot find an assignment during class.

    • Late assignments will be accepted at face value one day after their due date if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian signature with a valid reason clearly indicated.

    • Assignments can be competed if an exam has not been taken on that particular subject. In order to turn in late assignments after an exam has been taken, students must attend tutorials and work on the assignments F2F. A makeup exam may be admistered to justify the late assignment entries. Please do not wait until the last possible day to do this. 

    • AP and Pre-AP students must turn in assignments when they are due. Late assignments “will not” be accepted. 

    5. Science Sponge work sheets must follow format and will be submitted weekly or biweekly. Periodic check may occur before these will be picked up.

    6. Notebooks/folders may be checked periodically throughout the six-week period and count as a grade.

    7. During each six/nine-week period you are responsible for filling out an Assignment log. This log with all of the assignments will be turned in at designated dates. These must follow an easel outline set out in class. During exams these can show proof of studying.

    8. Labs/Projects: At least two days will be given to prepare for a lab report or project. All assignments required to be successful in these labs/projects will be turned in before the beginning of this activity. If this assignment is late, a 70 is the highest grade received. Written work may be given for missed labs.

    9. Quizzes/formatives will be given often so be prepared. These are short formative type assignments that determine whether a student has kept up with his/her homework. There will be chances for makeup but a 70 is the highest grade that can be received for this assignment. Any quiz pertinent to an exam must be completed before the exam is administered. 

    10. Exams: exams will follow any chapter/unit. You will have the ability to make up any exam that scores below a 70 but a 70 is the highest grade possible on the remake. Makeup exams must be for the six present six/nine-week period. Students must show proof of studying before a remake is given. Examples: completed reviews with parent signatures or after school tutorials on the material, notebooks with evidence of competed work. 

    • More extensive guidelines for Pre-AP and AP courses can be found in the pullout sheet at the end of this document.


    Makeup Work/Exam (Regular Classes only)

    1. Makeup work includes assignments that received low scores (below a 70) or are late  assignment. These will not receive a grade higher than a 70. 

    2. Makeup on exams will be similar type exams not the same one as before and may be more challenging than the original exam. It is generally better to do your best on the original exam.

    3. You are encouraged to come in for assistance during tutorials. Tutorials are available upon request. I am available before and after school and during my conference. Remember I am here to help you; this is not your mingling time. If you stray from this, you will be asked to leave so I can help those who want to be helped and you may lose your ability to turn in the assignment you came in to be helped with.

    4. Academic misconduct means using another student’s work as your own, copying another students work, or knowingly allowing another student to copy your work. If a student is caught in an act of academic misconduct, they will receive a zero on the exam/assignment without the ability for a makeup and the student/s will also receive a referral. A student may also lose eligibility for National Honor Society.

    5. Any student who consistently fails to prepare for assignments/exams will be treated as a discipline problem and will be addressed according to district policies.

    6. Students that fall behind on their work due to lack of effort will also be treated as a discipline problem and will be addressed according to district policies.



    • Students will be allowed to make up missed assignments following excused absences without penalty if the material is turned in prior to the allotted period set by the instructor. In general, students have three days to makeup assignments. 

    • All work assigned prior to the student’s absence is due the day of his/her return. 

    • Missed exams/quizzes must be taken during tutorials/or conference period. 

    • Make arrangements for makeup work during extracurricular activities before you leave or on the day you return. Make sure the teacher is aware of your absence for this activity.

    There is a separate district-wide policy for absent work. Please refer to the student handbook.


    1. Any work assigned by a substitute teacher must be turned in (unless it is a review) whether it is complete or not. It will not be accepted late or upon the teacher’s return without justified.

    You will abide by ALL CLASSROOM, AP (if applicable), AND LAB GUIDELINES set by the teacher and the Bishop ISD administration.

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