BCISD School Nurses

Group Photo BCISD Nurses 2021

    Bishop CISD nursing staff has a combination of over 75 years of nursing experience. Some of our experiences include work in; emergency rooms, pediatrics, nursing homes, labor and delivery, home health, med-surg, psych, neuro surgery, rehabilitation, and school nursing.  Our main goal is to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our students. If you have any questions or concerns, our contact info is listed below. 

    Carol Shifferly

    Bishop Elementary
    361.584.3571 Ext. 503

    Debra Clarke

    Bishop Primary
    361.584.2434 Ext. 608
    Petronila Elementary
    361.387.2834 Ext. 703

    Celeste Garcia

    Luehrs Junior High
    361.584.3591 Ext. 478

    George Trice

    Bishop High School
    361.584.3591 Ext. 305
    Petronila Elementary