Welcome to Bishop CISD

  • Bishop Independent School District began in 1910 and it consolidated with Petronila Independent School District in 1968 to create what is now known as Bishop Consolidated Independent School District. The five campus district currently educates 1456 students enrolled in grades PK-12.  Twenty percent of Bishop’s enrollment comes through out of district transfers from many of the surrounding communities.  We are proud to be the district of choice for many families in surrounding communities.  Bishop CISD employs167 staff members who are dedicated and committed to the families of Petronila, Bishop and surrounding communities.

    Students at Bishop CISD continue to excel in academics and athletics year after year.  The district’s current financial state report card has a superior rating and our state academic report card meets standards.  We are an amazing district with the goal always being that our “children come first.”  All of our resources are constantly monitored and reviewed in an effort to provide the best educational services to our students.  We would like to thank the parents and/or guardians of our students for allowing us to educate the most important people in their lives!!