Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science in Biology, Chemistry Minor Texas A&M Kingsville Science 8-12 PLTW Gateway AR, DM, ST, ME PLTW Engineering IED, DE, POE, EDD Gifted/Talented

Mr. Jason Quintanilla

I have been teaching at Bishop CISD for 9 years.  I taught science for 1 year at Bishop, and then transitioned to teaching both Science and Engineering classes after that.

Over my career I have taught: Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Physics and Chemistry, AP Chemistry, Pre-AP Physics, PLTW Design and Modeling, PLTW Automation and Robotics, PLTW Magic of Electrons, PLTW Science of Technology, PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design, PLTW Digital Electronics, PLTW Principles of Engineering, PLTW Engineering Design and Development, and Concepts of Engineering.


I have broad-ranging interests in literature, technology, cinema, science, and game design, and have design, playtest, and project management credits in several independent, fandom, and small-press tabletop RPGs.


My philosophy in the classroom is based around the idea that students must recognize that school is work that must be done, but that work should be something you look forward to.  I encourage students to have conversations, share things about themselves and the things they see around them, to tell jokes, and to try applying the things they learn in the classroom to real life.  A classroom where everyone is smiling and looking relaxed doesn't have to be a classroom in where nothing is getting done!