2023-24 Scholarship Opportunities

2023-24 Scholarship Opportunities

**This page is a compilation of scholarship opportunities throughout the school year. Some deadlines may have already expired. Clicking on the links below may direct you to an external website.**


Scholarship Newsletters:

 August Scholarship Newsletter

September Scholarship Newsletter

September Scholarship Newsletter (9-25-23)

October Scholarship Newsletter (10-10-23)

October Scholarship Newsletter (10-23-23)

November Scholarship Newsletter (11-6-23)

November 9th Scholarship Newsletter

November 20th Scholarship Newsletter

December 7th Scholarship Newsletter

December 18th Scholarship Newsletter

January 2024 Scholarship Newsletter

January 18th Scholarship Newsletter 

February Scholarship Newsletter

February 12th Scholarship Newsletter

March 25 Scholarship Newsletter

April 15 Scholarship Newsletter

April 22nd Scholarship Newsletter



American G.I. Forum of South Texas Scholarship (Deadline 4-3-24)

American G.I. Forum of South Texas Scholarship PDF

BUC Days Scholarship (Deadline 11-1-23)

Chemcel Federal Credit Union Scholarship

Coastal Bend Community Foundation Scholarship  (Deadline 3-1-24)

CP 22 Scholarship   (Deadline 4-27-24)

DMC Foundation Scholarships 

Fastweb Scholarships for High School Juniors   (Multiple Deadlines)

Fastweb Scholarships for High School Seniors  (Multiple Deadlines)  

Fastweb Culinary Scholarships  (Multiple Deadlines)  

Fastweb Scholarships for Writers  (Multiple Deadlines)  

Fastweb Vocational, Technical & Trade School Scholarships  (Multiple Deadlines)  

George Luna Scholarship (Deadline 5-1-24)

Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans Scholarship (Deadline 3-15-24)

Je'Sani Smith Foundation Scholarship (Deadline May 15)

Josh Johnson Scholarship   (Deadline 4-15-24)

John Franklin Scholarship Association (Deadline 2-11-24)

Kingsville Noon Lions Scholarship (Deadline 4-25-24) 

Kingsville Tri-City Retired Teachers Association Scholarship

KKJLS Concert Scholarship Program Criteria

KKJLS Concert Scholarship 

KKJLS Academic & Vocational Scholarship Criteria

KKJLS Academic & Vocational Scholarship (Deadline 11-1-23)

Patrick Buras Scholarship (Deadline 4-19-24)

Taco Bell Foundation Scholarship  (Deadline 1-3-24)

Terry Traditional Scholarship

TILF Scholarship (Deadline May 24, 2024)

Sara Scholarship (Deadline 4-30-24)

StudentScholarships.org (Multiple Deadlines)

UTSA Top Scholar Program Scholarship