Expectations, Grading & Rules

Grading Guidelines

    • Tests - 40%
    • Quizzes/Projects - 20%
    • Homework/classwork - 40%




    1. All work must be turned in on time for full credit.  We ALWAYS grade the next day to review.

    2. Late work will be deducted 10 points a day. Grade will be a zero after 3 days.

    3. Re-takes & corrections will be allowed ONLY for TESTS.  Corrections must be done on the Test Corrections Form.

    4. ABSENT? It is your responsibility to copy notes and get assignments.

    5.  ZERO ! No chances will be given for academic dishonesty on any graded assignment.




    1 inch binder

    composition book



    colored pens for notes & grading (any colors)

    highlighter (any color)