• Class Expectations 

    • Be on time and ready to learn.
    • Be respectful to all.
    • Stay on task.
    • Follow all school rules.
    • Listen and do what Ms. Garcia says.

    Class Rules

    • Cell phones need to be turned off and put away at all times. If a student is caught using their phone, or if their phone ringss it will be picked up and sent to the office. 
    • No wandering around the classroom without permission.
    • No food or drinks are allowed in the classroom.
    • No more than 1 student at a time is allowed to leave the classroom. 
  • ★Grading Policy 

    • Tests 40%
    • Quizzes/Projects 20%
    • Homework/classwork 40%

    Late Work Policy

    • Any work turned in 3 days after it's due willnot be graded for higher than a 70.
    • No late work will be accepted after progress reports or report cards are sent home.