• Art is intertwined in many aspects in our daily life including the design of games! Each year the students explore various mediums, experiencing and learning about it's history, application and it's unique appeal. Chess is a game played all over the world and lends itself to artistic interpretations. The chess game has been glided, encrusted with precious stones and modeled into stark abstract forms. This game is a universal language, bridging many, many cultures from around the world in a simple game of tactics and strategy!

    Studies have shown, students who play chess on a regular basis (regular kids) have had their scores increase at least 20% in all areas. But the students must be trying to win-that means thinking! Win or lose, if a student is making the actual attempt to out manuver, capture and trap the King in a regular game of chess, they will be opening up pathways in the brain from the analytical and lateral thinking! It is exercising the brain just like you exercise your muscles!

    Students learn to play chess and other thinking games in the art class, such as the mill, pente, and even checkers! Students will design and make their own thinking game to take home.